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Why do I have to register again?

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If you have registered and recorded miles since February 2017, then you do not need to reregister.

The Tail on the Trail website has been updated with so many improvements as of February 2017 that we had to redesign the backend database, making it impossible to simply transfer the old information. Plus, we are asking for a lot more lifestyle information so we can better understand how this community fitness program affects health outcomes and to help us secure funding to build the program in the future.

For this reason, your past username and password will not be recognized on the new website and every user needs to create a new username and password by going through the registration. After you re-register, you will have a new username and password and can use the log-in link.

We know this is a slight inconvenience and we thank you for taking the time to help make this program even better!

Please re-register here.