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NEPA Trail of the Month

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May 2022 – Wilkes-Barre Walkitecture

Founded in 1769, the city of Wilkes-Barre is full of rich history, beautiful architecture, diverse cultures and savory foods. Thanks to the Wilkes-Barre City Health Department and the Wilkes-Barré Preservation Society, you can experience a glimpse of the historic city. Wilkes-Barre Walkitecture is a self-guided, 2.2-mile loop with 24 different stops showcasing some of the beautiful architecture found in the city.


Prior Trails of the Month

April 2022 – Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge

One of three National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) in Pennsylvania, Cherry Valley NWR is a must-see local gem. Nestled near Stroudsburg in Monroe County, the 5,000-acre site was established in 2008 to protect wetland and upland habitats for several species of migratory birds, federal trust species and even a few endangered species.


March – North Pocono Trails

In a hidden forest tucked behind an unsuspecting park, the North Pocono Trails will guide you through a landscape of flowing creeks and towering evergreens that provide breathtaking views.

The North Pocono Trails in Lackawanna County offer the perfect place to explore this spring, or any time of the year.


February 2022 – the Bruce Lake Trail

Under a fresh layer of snow, the Bruce Lake Trail is perfect for a winter adventure. Braving the cold is worth it for the breathtaking views and peaceful forests.


January 2022: Keystone College Woodlands Campus

On a snowy day in NEPA, you set out to explore the Woodlands Campus at Keystone College.  As you traverse across the suspension bridge, you can’t help but stop halfway across to gaze at the stream below. Heavy, snow-laden branches and shimmering ice make you feel as if you have entered a winter wonderland. You wonder what awaits you on the other side…