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On this page you can find answers to a number of questions asked often. To see the answer to a particular question, please click on the question and the answer will expand below the question. Have a question that is not answered here? Use the Contact Us form to send your question to the Tail on the Trail coordinators.

What is Get Your Tail on the Trail?

St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) and Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (D&L) started a partnership in 2013 to bring the community a family fun initiative — get outside and get active! By linking St. Luke’s healthy lifestyle expertise with the recreational and heritage leadership of D&L, members of our community can participate in ongoing challenges by entering exercise miles in the online trail tracker and can attend special community events held by Tail on the Trail. All challenges and special events are FREE to participate in and incentives can be earned along the way to help you stay motivated to maintain healthy lifestyle habits with exercise and nutrition.
What is the difference between the Challenges and the Tail on the Trail Events?

The Challenges are goals set by the Tail on the Trail coordinators as ongoing challenges to log miles of biking, walking, running or other distance exercises on this website over a defined date range. For example the 165 Mile Challenge has historically been held from May 1 to November 1 to challenge participants to log a combined total of 165 miles of exercise at any time during the challenge period and the 30 in 30 Winter Challenge has historically been held for 30 days in either February or March challenging participants to log 30 exercise miles in 30 days. At the end of each challenge, Tail on the Trail provides prize incentives to all participants that logged enough miles to meet the challenge goal but we always say “the prizes are small compared to the biggest incentive, YOUR HEALTH”.

The Tail on the Trail Events (TOT Events) are organized by Tail on the Trail coordinators as one-time events, free to the public, and usually held on a section of the D&L Trail near one of the St. Luke’s Campuses to promote the building of a healthier community… one mile at a time. TOT Events often offer free snacks and prizes so we ask that you RSVP by calling St. Luke’s InfoLink toll-free at 1-866-STLUKES or emailing

Any miles walked at the TOT Events can be logged online and count towards the ongoing challenges!

How do I register for the Challenges?

Everything you need to know about the Challenges is found within our website: If you are already registered, then all you need to do is log into your account and fill out the survey and start logging those miles. If you haven’t signed up, then click the Register button in the top right corner of the page. Follow through with the registration and signed waiver. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your welcome packet will be mailed within one month to the address you provide in your profile. After registering, you will always use the Login button at the top right corner of to access your trail tracker and add logged miles.
When will I receive my welcome packet and prize incentives?

Once you register for the challenges and logging your miles on, a Welcome Letter will be sent to your registered address within several weeks. At the completion of each challenge, milestone prizes will be mailed to your registered address if you logged enough miles within the challenge dates to meet the challenge goal. Occasionally, prizes are available for early pick-up at the Tail on the Trail events if you are able to attend and any not picked up will be mailed at a later date.
Can I register multiple family members?

Adults will need to be registered individually with a unique username and password for each to be able to track their miles and receive prize incentives but adults can register minor children (12 years and younger) under an adult account and track miles for those children.  To add a child to your existing account, you should login and go to your dashboard. On your dashboard scroll down and one of the blue boxes will be “Your Registered Minors” with a place on the right to “Register a Minor”. Click that and add children 12 years and younger. Be sure to keep their shirt sizes up to date as they grow so that incentive prizes fit when they earn them!
How old do you have to be to participate in Tail on the Trail challenges and events?

We welcome all ages to participate in the Tail on the Trail program! Anyone under the age of 13 must be registered as a minor under an adult account to track miles and accompanied by a parent/guardian for events.
Where can I find a map of the D&L Trail?

A map of the D&L Trail can be found at under The Trail in the dropdown menu in the top left. More information can be found at and pdf maps of regional trail networks can be found at under the Brochures and Maps section.
Do I have to participate in the Tail on the Trail events in order to do the challenges?

No, we enjoy meeting participants at the Tail on the Trail Events (TOT Events) but you are not required to attend and you can complete the Challenges by walking, biking or running any time on local trails, along neighborhood sidewalks, while you are on vacation, at the beach, etc. We encourage you to use and try new areas of the D&L Trail to complete the challenges but you have the ability to track your miles manually on whatever trails you choose. The TOT Events are opportunities to get out and learn more about history, nature and health promotion while completing some of your miles in the challenge.
Are strollers allowed at the Tail on the Trail events along the D&L Trail?

Yes, strollers are allowed along the D&L Trail at the our events.
Are pets allowed at the Tail on the Trail events along the D&L Trail?

For the Tail on the Trail events, we ask that you take into consideration the large number of attendees anticipated and your pet’s comfort level in crowded settings. During events or any time you take your pets on the D&L Trail (and many other local trails), regulations require that the pet is kept on a leash at all times and that owners clean up pet waste.
How can I get my event Tail on the Trail Approved?

If you are organizing a local fitness event that is open to the public and is either free or supports a non-profit charity, please submit your event through the Submit Your Event from. We are looking for outdoor-focused events within the St. Luke’s service area. If your event qualifies we will send you the Approved Event Logo and a link to our website and ask that you put that on your flyers or website. Then we will promote your event on our website and Facebook page. 
Is there transportation available during the Tail on the Trail events?

No, there is no arranged transportation for the Tail on the Trail events.
Can I add myself as part of a company or community group?

Yes, the system allows you to assign yourself, but you should only do so if you are part of that company or community group, such as an employee, student or member. You should not assign yourself to a group or company just to support that group or company without prior authorization from them. Each company or group will have an administrator to check membership and may remove you as they see fit.
Why is my company listed as a community organization and not a corporate one?

Corporate organizations are those that have signed up as a company to track user data for a specific purpose, usually so employees can include logged miles in their employee wellness programs. When a company is listed as a community organization, it means the company has signed up simply for the fun and health benefits of group participation. In both cases, company administrators can see your logged activity. The difference is how that information is used, either for specific business purposes in the case of corporate organizations, or for recreational purposes in the case of community organizations.
If I am removed from a company or group, do I lose my miles?

No. When you sign up, you are a registered user and your individual miles are tracked on your dashboard. Your group information is simply for compiling data of a group of people. Your miles will stay active in the system but not count toward that group any longer.
Can I register a company or group?

Yes. If your company or community group is interested in participating as a group, please Contact Us. Individual members of the group register and participate like any other user, but results for each individual of the group are available to the group as agreed upon. For example, a company may want to add this program to their employee wellness program, and provide additional incentives to employees for logging miles or a school may want to register so classes can compete against one another for the most miles logged as a group.