Get Your Tail on the Trail

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Join the Fun!

Join St. Luke’s and D&L leaders and other members of the community in a celebration of health and fitness. Come out for these fun events that include health, fitness, nature and history facts. Free giveaways, nutritious snacks and more.

What is the difference between the Challenges and the Tail on the Trail (TOT) Events?

The Challenges are goals set by the Tail on the Trail coordinators as ongoing challenges for you to log a combined total of miles of biking, walking, running or other distance exercises during a defined date range (ex. 165 Mile Challenge or 30/30 Winter Challenge). At the end of each challenge, Tail on the Trail provides prize incentives to all participants that logged enough miles to meet the challenge goal but we always say “the prizes are small compared to the biggest incentive, YOUR HEALTH”.

The Tail on the Trail Events (TOT Events) are organized by Tail on the Trail coordinators as one-time events, free to the public, and usually held on a section of the D&L Trail near one of the St. Luke’s Campuses to promote the building of a healthier community… one mile at a time. TOT Events often offer free snacks and prizes so we ask that you RSVP by calling St. Luke’s InfoLink toll-free at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537) or emailing

Any miles walked at the TOT Events can be logged online and count towards the ongoing challenges!

What is a Tail on the Trail Approved Event?

There are lots of other great opportunities to get out and get active in our community, and every mile counts towards your total! All TOT-approved events are open to the public and are either free or support a non-profit charity. Please check each individual event for details.
How can I get my event Tail on the Trail Approved?

If you are organizing a local fitness event that is open to the public and is either free or supports a non-profit charity, please use the Contact Us form to give us the details. We are looking for outdoor events within the St. Luke’s service area, especially events on trails to promote the connection between health and trails. If we approve your request, we will promote and link to your event through our web page, provided you promote and link back to our Tail on the Trail web page using the logo and link we provide you.

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