Get Your Tail on the Trail

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Challenging YOU to Get Out and Get Active

Ripley wants YOU to Get Your Tail on the Trail to health today!

Tail on the Trail holds regular challenges throughout the year to help encourage participants to get active and set good exercise habits year round. Since 2013, the two main challenges have been the 30/30 Winter Challenge and 165 Mile Challenge.

The 30/30 Winter Challenge is often held around February and challenges participants to log 30 miles in 30 days to keep fit.  Need some extra motivation to keep those New Years resolutions active? Going stir crazy inside during the winter? The 30/30 Winter Challenge is meant to help get you outside enjoying the special activities that old man winter provides like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter bird watching and more. Ice storm or temps too cold to face even after bundling up? While we love encouraging the outdoors and trails for the fresh air and mental health benefits in nature, we realize there’s limited daylight in winter and sometimes the treadmill, eliptical, and stationary bike are much more practical. You can log those miles too with the online Trail Tracker. However you do it, strive for logging 30 miles in 30 days to maintain good health (and earn a Tail on the Trail incentive at the end of the Challenge)!

The 165 Mile Challenge is normally held from May 1st to November 1st and highlights the fact that the D&L Trail route from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol will provide over 165 miles of trail when complete. Participants are encouraged to log 165 miles (or more) from May to November in order to maintain healthy exercise habits, find new trail sections to explore, and witness nature and history along the way. The miles can be logged on your own time (early morning run, Sunday afternoon rollerblade time with family, evening dog walk, weekend bike ride with friends, local 5K charity run, vacation stroll on a beach . . . endless possibilities)! It works out to a little less than one mile per day to reach 165 miles by November 1st so it is designed for all ages and abilities. If you are just starting to get active, start with 1/2 mile walk each day and add a few extra miles with a weekend bike ride. If you are already an avid trail user, set a challenge for yourself above 165 or use the Tail on the Trail challenges to help motivate family or friends to join your active lifestyle and earn themselves some prizes . . and a healthier life!!

No matter your age or ability, we hope the Tail on the Trail program helps motivate you to set healthy habits and stick with them.